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Current number (No,10  2017.5.31)

articleSHIRAKAWA TetsuoThe history and change of war movies
interviewONO MitsuakiPostwar history of Ukawa and Tango area in Kyoto and military base issues:
An interview with Mitsuo Masuda
Book Reviews
Introduction of research Materials

No,9  2016.5.31

articleTANIGAWA Yutaka“Kuni no Sugata” and its historical implications in modern Japan :
Utako Shimoda’s tactics to compile and
distribute a textbook of Shushin(ethics)
   YANO RyoIn the end of the postwar Japanese model social security system :
in the Osaka Sumiyoshi district of the 1970s
“Community Development” as an example
interviewNARITA ChihiroThe Ryukyu Islands (including Amami) under the US occupation
as seen by former members of the Zengunro :
An interview with Miyagi Kuniharu and Miyagi Toyomitsu

No,8  2015.5.31

articleFUNASE HajimeThe Challenges and research history on university autonomy theory :
Democracy and intermediate spheres
interviewSAKURAZAWA Makoto
TAIRA Yoshitoshi
The Okinawa Reversion Movement in Kawasaki and Tokyo :
An interview with TOKUYAMA Nagateru
Research Trend
Book Reviews


articleYAMAMOTO AkihiroHIBAKUSHA Image in Japanese Post-war History:
Transformation in Popular Culture
interviewNARITA ChihiroExperiences of Emigration in SAipan and Okinawan Postwar Struggles :
Hearing from MAsao Arime -A Member of the Generation Born in the First Nine Years of Showa Period